Been a Blast

Thank God. We finally finish the Hey guys I wanted to let you all know I had a fun semester meeting you all as well as learning and growing.  I think everyone… Continue reading


I remade my Back to the Future layout. My goal for this one was to make it fun and clean. I think I made out better with the layout. What’s your opinion? BTTF

My favorite Assignment

I wanted to post my favorite assignment online. My phishing ads. It gave me a new look and approach in making a project fun and appeal.  From start to finish I though it… Continue reading

A Motivational Though

This picture says more than enough

Hey Mars

If you love shoes like I do you should be familiar with Mars Blackman. The Spike Lee character used in Michael Jordan commercials who used the slogan Do You Know, Do You Know, Do You Know. I… Continue reading

Things about Me

These are some of my favorite words…. 1. Design- Its just something about this word that I enjoy 2. Creativity- Allows me to express myself 3. Swindle-lol. Its just a funny word to… Continue reading

Playstation Expansion

Creative Presentation Put cartoon animations into your next powerpoint presentation. Create a unique and memorable business powerpoint presentation. Our team of professional illustrators will turn your ideas and script into video files you can… Continue reading

ADIDAS Presentation

Adidas is a house hold name brand who sells shoes. This is an interesting presentation and a unique way to show off their products.

Simple InfoGraphics

In this graphic, we find a researchers attempt to present information about the nation’s largest coffee chains. They have taken information that may seem complex to some and made it simple. They have… Continue reading