Show & Tell: My Campaign

My first thought behind a campaign ad was something more presidential or related to politics such as. Which is considered a campaign ad. But after some more careful researching (Google) I came across some… Continue reading

RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the man behind Apple, died today after health complications.  He was the face behind the Apple product and the sleek design styles that we all love.  I read an article today… Continue reading

Video Concept Ad

I was looking at videos and came across an ad that I think qualifies as a good concept ad. Its an HP commercial including Manny Pacquiao. What do you think?

Show & Tell: Concept Ads

I was out looking for some concepts to post and I ran across a couple nice ones. These are usually humorous ads. I like to think of them as commercials as still life… Continue reading

Take Care Album Cover

Drake recently released his artwork for his new album, Take Care, which is scheduled to be released 10/24/2011.  Drakes approach from his second album is showing his life now that he’s in the… Continue reading

McFly’s Back to The Future

Nike has decided to release the Marty McFly’s. The shoes from the Back to the Future series.  Nike has announced that all of the pairs will be auctioned on eBay … with all… Continue reading

Vote Red

The M&M is an advertising icon. So it was only fitting that I use them for my Visual & Verbal advertising picture. This picture is from the voting for your favorite M&M campaign.… Continue reading

Creativity is the KEY!!!

We all creative in our own way. But at times we all deal with what I like to call road blocks of the brain (No Creative Flow). So if you have this problem… Continue reading

Logo’s (A New Vision) I recently read this article about some familiar logo’s who went through some upgrades. This is something that a lot of companies are doing more know to try to keep up with… Continue reading

Bad Food Pics

Who ever thought food could make you look like this… I can’t begin to count the number of times I was looking for a good picture of food to put in a design… Continue reading